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Kill Your Friends is a satirical card game produced by Splatatat Pty Ltd. The content, themes and subject matter of Kill Your Friends are a satire should not be taken literally or out of context.

The subject matter and artwork of Kill Your Friends may be confronting for some individuals and is not intended for people under 18 years of age.


Kill Your Friends and Splatatat Pty Ltd do not promote or condone violence, racism, hate or fear to any person, gender, race, religion, political party, group, animal, living thing or inanimate object.


Kill Your Friends uses invented names and characters, except in cases when public figures are being satirised. Any other use of real names or likeness is accidental and coincidental.

Please accept our apologies in advance on behalf of any of the images, artwork or themes if they have offended. We understand that the content isn’t to everyone’s tastes, which is why we are also working on a family version of the game called Splatatat! - A Messy Card Game, which shouldn't offend anyone (unless you are offended by colors, numbers, competitiveness or good times). For more info go to www.splatatat.com

Splatatat and Kill Your Friends are registered trademarks in Australia


Game mechanics for both Kill Your Friends and Splatatat! are covered by Australian Patent Application No. 2018901965.